5 thoughts on “Let the sun shine…

  1. Just read this lovely poem and thought of sharing it with you and your bloggers:

    Sunny Sunflower Disposition

    For when the sun itself just isn’t enough to brighten the day.
    As I’m looking straight at the piercing sky, I can feel your presence,
    And I hold out my hands at the warm sunlight of that sunflower of
    happiness-looking sun.
    I was born here to meet you,
    Even without saying anything, just being able to be by your side is enough.
    I’m your flower, I want to shine for you, just gaze at me,
    I want to shine with the strength of the mid-summer flower,
    You’re my sunshine, you’re my every happiness, is this destiny ?
    I love you, who’s like a dazzling sun !

    — Hikari Hinomoto


  2. For those of you who haven’t yet enjoyed these Leona Lewis’s lyrics, please enjoy them. I just enjoyed them so much:

    Let the Sunshine Lyrics
    by Leona Lewis

    I feel a cold flush going through my hair
    And hey you know what
    I don’t even care
    The time has passed me by
    It’s gone with the wind
    Because the sun shined once again

    Now the party’s on
    Everybody’s there
    And if you don’t know anyone
    You’ll still meet some friends
    That’s the way it is
    When I have myself a drink
    Because the sun shines once again

    Let the sun shine
    Let the sun shine for me
    Let it all go
    Let it all go for me

    So turn the lights off
    No one is afraid
    When the night comes
    It’ll be just like the day
    And without the day
    I am glowing from within
    Because the sun shined once again

    So play that sweet tune
    Play it through the air
    And the volume
    Blaze it up again
    Don’t you ask me twice
    You know I’m gonna bid
    Because the sun shines once again

    Let the sun shine

    I know that the world is gonna smile again
    When we go from the darkness into the light


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