It’s a beautiful day

A rose from my garden

Woo hoo! It’s finally here!

The first real day that it feels like Spring (even though it’s May, and Spring officially started a month ago)!

I decided to venture out for a walk without having to wear a cardigan, jacket, scarf, shoes or socks. Yes, I put on my flippy floppies and my poor toes were so glad to be out and about in the fresh air that they practically danced a jig. I don’t think they had seen the sun for about 9 months – apart from the short holiday that we had last week – but just humour me!

The rays of the sun beamed down and hugged my face and my whole body, seeping into my skin and warming my grateful bones. It was an instant pick-me-up and the most lovely feeling in the world…

Was it just me or were the cherry blossoms on the  branches swooping down to give me a Hi-5 as if to say ‘”Just look at those endless blue skies. Aren’t they just the bees knees?!” I had to agree.

Even a dog that skipped past with it’s owner seemed to look up at me without a care in the world and smile.

As I walked past the gorgeous roses, they seemed to blush and bloom before my very eyes, deepening in colour and winking as if to say “Don’t you just love it when the sun shines?”

An elderly gentlemen protectively held his partner’s hand as he walked with her and helped her to cross the street. They were obviously making the most of the sunshine, just like me.

And all along the birds in the trees were humming along to the Michael Buble tune that had been playing in my head. Which one? ‘It’s a beautiful day’, of course!

30 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful day

  1. Beautiful words, just like you. It is so true when the sun shines and the flowers bloom, it makes your mood so happy that smiles instantly appear own your face. How sad that the good moments come only for a short while. We should make the most of the lovely weather each and every minute.

    Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy – your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself.


  2. Your some what late wonderful spring day, you so wonderfully expressed, with that most wonderful Michael Buble touch and feelings, made my day so wonderfully blissful too. And all your other loved ones’ as well, I am sure. Thank you so much.


  3. The warm sun on your face just makes everything better doesn’t it?

    I wanted to thank you for the link you gave me. I read up on the brushing technique and I will definitely give it a try. Stroking his arm with my hand (when I have permission) helps already and I really could imagine the brushing being even more effective. I have a second child with some issues it might help too.

    So thank you very much! You’ve given me a beautiful, positive start to my day. 🙂


    1. Absolutely! It is a magical mood changer.

      Really hope that this technique helps you and your children. Please read the comments on the post as they are all from other parents who have tried it and it has worked for them.

      So glad that I could be of help – making somebody happy has made my day so thank you!


  4. I am loving every single minute of the sun- I just wish we could guarantee it would stay like this. It is such an instant mood changer, just walking along the street you can see how happy everyone is. x


  5. Yes yes! everything is so much better and easier when the sun is shining! I had a wonderful day with the kids in the garden when it was lovely weather, then spent the next day shouting at them indoors when it rained. Sunshine makes me a better parent.


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