Keep Calm and Blog On

Lately,  I have been feeling overwhelmed…

Overwhelmed with all the decisions that I have to make.

What should I blog about?

Will anybody ever read it?

What exactly is my niche?

How much should I divulge about my family?

Should I join this linky or that rafflecopter?

How many more badges do I need to put on my sidebar?

Do I need more pictures on my blog?

Should I join Pinterest out of interest?

Do I have time to read and comment on every single blog that I follow?

Will I ever become one of the cool, popular blogger kids?

Should I self host my blog? Should I leave the security of WordPress and jump into unknown waters?

All these issues really stem from one obvious question which is: Why did I start a blog in the first place?

I have to go back to the beginning and remind myself that I write because I enjoy writing.

I shouldn’t try and be anybody else. I just have to be me…

Keep it real with this great Blogger’s Manifesto!

bloggers manifesto


28 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Blog On

  1. Amisha, I totally agree. For a while there, I let my blog get thrown aside for exactly the same reasons. I didn’t think I had anything to say or that anyone cared if I did say it. Just recently, I have been back at it and I, too, remember that it was because I enjoyed it that I started the blog to begin with. Good luck and just write!


  2. Oh I completely relate to this! My blog has got a bit more popular, and I’m linking up all the time and it’s all gone a bit bonkers! Keep having to remind myself why I am writing the blog in the first place and stay true to that. I need that mantra next to my computer! 🙂 #mmwbh


  3. Totally agree. I made an early decision only to write one blog post a week as I just don’t gave time to write more. It’s the right decision but I do have a niggly feeling that I should write more often. #mmwbh


    1. I always feel like I should be writing more. I am probably the slowest blogger out there – but I like to write when I feel like I have something important/interesting to say… Thanks for stopping by.


  4. I think you have answered all your questions through that very sensible and prudent panel of “the manifesto”. Also if for nothing else as Amrat right suggests “it keeps the grey cells going”. So far you have done very well. I can understand all those questions emanating from your busy family and career life and whatever other ambassadorial roles you may have undertaken and also remember the very old edict “a busy person finds time for everything”.


  5. weel done you. I am new to blogging and do keep finding myself pulled in all sorts of directions and with lots of conflicting notions of what I should be doing. A manifesto is a great idea which I will be stealing!


  6. If you have a gift then you are obliged to share it! You have a gift for writing and doing good for others. Tell and inspire others to do the same – like me who just needs to get on with my blog too! Lisa


  7. Great post! It’s so easy to lose your blogging path and get drawn into sponsored posts, get lost in constant product reviews and more. But just stay true to yourself, let your blog portray, you! 😉

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Mad Mid Week Blog Hop! xx


  8. What a great post. I recently lost my way a bit, wrote a post about it on my blog and am currently getting back into my stride of keeping it real and writing what I want rather than what people tell me to write! Keep going – I am certain you will find your way soon 🙂 Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


  9. Really enjoyed reading this. Totally spot on, I was thinking some of these things myself.
    I wrote my first post since last may the other day and so glad I did (father died last year n I just didn’t feel like writing, etc)
    But so glad I did. As you mentioned, sometimes it’s really useful to read early posts (and also brings a smile, useful when your having a hard day)
    I like to think that I’m keeping a digital thought album that one day my children will read (and of course its lovely to receive positive feedback, learn about other bloggers etc)


    1. Sorry about your loss. You are right though, and should only write when you are up to it and not because everybody expects you too. I am glad you found your mojo back as it is a way to share your voice with the world. I am sure in the future your children and your grandchildren will be glad you did.


  10. Hi Amisha so far you have done so well and all your blogs are so interesting that you should carry on please don’t stop. All the best!


  11. We bloggers are so caught up with how many times we have blog and all the stuff that we forget why we started blogging in the first place. Because we loved writing.


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