What type of Creepy Crawler is yours?

Creepy Crawlers (or Cheeky Crawlers as I like to call them!) are approximately 9 month old babies that are starting to become independent and are on the move. You remember this phase as it was when your child would lick, swallow, move, insert up nostrils, and break anything in it’s path by any means possible leaving a trail of quashed bananas and destruction in it’s wake!

My twins are 6 years old now, and I was trying to remember what they were like when they were really little. The thing that had struck me the most was even though they are twins, they each had an absolutely different method of getting around and about.

My son used the old fashioned, traditional, tried and tested Classic Crawl method. This is the one where the baby puts their weight on the hands and knees, and moves one arm and the opposite knee forward at the same time.

My daughter, on the other hand completely surprised and shocked us at the same time! She did not crawl on her hands and knees, oh no that was too easy – but she did something that can only described as a Beyonce Booty Hop Crawl! She not only shuffled along on her little bottom, but when she wanted to speed things up, she would literally lift her whole body up off the floor whilst still in a sitting position and then use her hands to propel herself forward before landing on her bottom again! We even had relatives who would come home and video her in motion because it was so fascinating and hilarious at the same time.

There are lots of methods of crawling I’m sure, but some of the more popular ones are listed below.

The Bear Crawl – similar to the Class Crawl, but the baby keeps the elbows and knees straight, and walks on the hands and feet like a bear (cute!).

The Leapfrog Crawl – the baby makes a bridge with the arms and legs and then thrusts forward.

The Crab Crawl – the baby moves backwards (oh dear!) or sideways like a crab, using the arms to push instead of pull.

Commando or Belly Crawl – this type of crawl involves moving forward while dragging the belly against the floor like a slithery snake!

Bottom Shuffler or Scooter – As it says on the tin, baby shuffles on it’s bottom (weird, but it works!).

Whatever type of crawler your child is, don’t worry as they will all eventually start to walk, and then run – which is the time when you should all be afraid, be very afraid….

So, what type of crawler is yours?