I love you Dad

Dad Hug

Father’s Day has come and gone, but I could not spend it with you as I was trying to get to the top of Mount Snowdon (which I did you will be glad to hear)! It meant the world to me when I called you to wish you and you told me with an emotional voice that you were proud of me and that it was your best Father’s Day gift as I had done it for charity and in memory of somebody that I had never even met.

These qualities and of generosity and giving with an open heart I learnt from you. There is so much that you have taught me that I cannot even begin to give justice to in this post, but I would like to try…

I love you for always being there for me

You are my father, my hero, my mentor, my friend and my guru

You are the rock that we all cling to when the waters are rough

You have an uncanny way of making everything seem better on the outside even though you might be hiding the fear and the pain on the  inside

You have a wicked sense of humour and are always the life and soul of the party

It makes me so proud to see how you interact with such charm and ease with little ones to the elderly

You have a natural knack of public speaking and can bring a whole room to tears or have them rolling with laughter just with your unique way and your words

You have an amazing memory and a vast knowledge of the world that leaves me speechless

I love you for all the sacrifices that you have made for us in order to give us a better life

Being a doctor was definitely your calling in life – you have a compassionate and caring nature that makes people feel better just by talking to you

I cannot even begin to remember how many lives you have saved, including mine – which I will never take for granted

Thank you for the special relationship that you have with me and all your daughters

You are the main man, the daddy cool, the crazy one, the lion king, our amazing dad…

I will always love you