I woke up really moody and emotional. I got upset with the twins whilst getting them ready for school (I’m sorry babies). I even got tearful at one point. It was -5 degrees outside and my car was one giant ice cube! Then I was quiet and thoughtful all the way to the school, not speaking a word. What was happening to me today? Maybe it’s was because I’m generally not a morning person, or maybe because it is coming up to that time of the month, or because today is 12.12.12…

The Ancient Mayan calendar mentions today as the end of the times as we know them. There will be a beginning of a new cycle of evolution for planet earth and the cosmos. There are lots of meditations and initiations happening around the world today in order to capture the power of this new awakening.

At 12 noon the clock will read 12:12:12:12:12:12 and this will only recur after 100 years. In Alabama, Kiam Moriya will celebrate his twelfth birthday at 12 minutes past noon. To celebrate this rare occasion, his mother will hand out Krispy Kreme donuts to everyone at his school!

Couples in Asia will be flocking to tie the knot, as it is deemed an auspicious day with a guarantee of a happy marriage! After all, this is a one time event in our lifetime.

So what do you make of it all? It is all gobbledygook or is there something going on higher up that we cannot comprehend?

Well whether we believe it or not, the greatest thing for me is that it is the twins’ great-grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary today! How wonderful is that? They even got a card from the Queen which delighted my kids no end. I couldn’t even find a 70th anniversary card in the shops as they only went up to 60!

When I went back to pick up the kids from school, I noticed the beautiful sight of the frozen frost glistening on all the rooftops and trees against the backdrop of a champagne pink sky. Even the spider webs looked pretty shimmering in their silver lace dresses. A few drunk snowflakes swooned down from the heavens above, and I thought to myself, what a wonderful world. Now, if I could just find that lottery ticket…

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