The Secret Room

Xmas Tree2This year at the twins’ school Christmas fair, they had a room called The Secret Room. This is the kind of room that you would imagine Santa’s little helpers to be working away in the night before Christmas. Although, I use the term working very loosely, as this was a fun room! I secretly wish I had a room like that when I was at school. For a start, all the lights were off apart from a few fairy lights twinkling away in the corners. This just added to the magic of the Secret Room…

There were shimmering Christmas trees adorned with bouncy baubles and tangled tinsel. Soft, white ‘snow’ had settled everywhere like a sprinkling of icing sugar. The tables were covered with a myriad of treasure items such as glitter, beads, stickers, feathers, sequins and sparkling jewels. The gifts were placed lovingly all around the room. These ranged from bracelets, smellies, candles, and mugs to Santa oven gloves and even back scratchers?! Who uses those anymore? Although, Hubby did buy me a wooden one for our Wood Anniversary, but that is another story for another time!

But, by far, the best bit about the Secret Room was that no parents were allowed in there! How cool is that? Of course, there were a few responsible adults in the room to help wrap the gifts and keep an eye on those over zealous kids who might get high on the glue and the smelly pens and just go crazy!

The rules were simple:

1. Pick a gift for your parents.

2. Pay for the gift by giving money to one of the friendly adults in charge.

3. Decorate the gift.

4. Take it to back to the friendly adults to get it wrapped and labelled.

5. Present it to your parents or place under the Christmas tree at home.

6. Enjoy!

Now, this was the first time that we had received gifts from the twins without any supervision at all so I was really intrigued and excited to see what I would get!

So, come Christmas Day, we all tore our gifts open like a pack of wolves!


  From my daughter, I got the most beautiful, little heart shaped  mirror decked with amethyst coloured stones.

From my son, I got a …….. just take a look at the photo.

toilet roll

Yes, it is what it looks like! When I asked him why he got me a Sudoku toilet roll, he just laughed! No comment…

But, for me, the best present was from the big man Santa himself. We had gone to take the twins to see him in his Grotto. I think he was the REAL Santa! He had a proper, long, white candy floss like beard, which some of the kids had tried to pull off, but could not. His thighs were as large as tree trunks, and he had looked like he had definitely eaten all the mince pies!

After he sat the twins down, and had a quiet chat with them, we were all ready to walk out when he turned to my Hubby and I and said “Your kids are a real credit to you Sir and Madam. You should be proud of them.” Maybe, he says that to all the parents(!), but not only did he make my day, but he made my year! Thank You Santa.


Happy New Year to you all!