Thank you Mum…

Mum I love you xxxxxx
Mum I love you xxxxxx (Photo credit: Andreas-photography)

How can I ever thank you mum for all that you have done and continue to do for me?

Words will never be enough, but I just wanted to write something for you to read…

Thank you for always being there,

For all the times when you take my pain away,

For understanding me when others do not,

For knowing exactly when I need a shoulder to cry on,

Or a hot cup of tea and a comforting chat!

Thank you for being my best friend,

For never questioning me,

And for just being there with a huge hug and a knowing smile.

Thank you for being my inspiration,

For always being calm,

For never judging or taking sides – even when we are wrong!

Thank you for all your guidance and wisdom,

For looking after me and my family,

For being not only an amazing mother,

But a fantastic grandma with an endless supply of chocolate and funny stories!

Thank you for teaching me how to be a good mum,

For showing me that I do not always need to be so protective,

For reminding me that it is okay to let go and to look after myself,

Because my kids will still love me unconditionally,

Just like you have loved all of us.

If I turn out to be half as great a mum as you, then my kids will be  very lucky indeed!

Happy Mother’s Day to you, and to all the other wonderful mums out there who should be appreciated not just today, but everyday as I believe that Mothers are the closest thing to God on this Earth…