The bear and the hare – how did it fare?

So hands up those of you who have not seen the latest John Lewis Christmas Ad???

I’m sure most of you already have. What was your verdict? Sad? Soppy? Boring? Brilliant?

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet – please click on here and enjoy…

I thought it was just lovely and so heart warming. No, I didn’t cry the first time I saw it, but I did well up the second time round when I showed it to my husband!

The market-savvy, creative guys behind the ad know exactly how to tug at your heart strings (and maybe your purse strings too if the latest sales figures are anything to go by!). I mean who doesn’t love a little animal animation advert?

The ad received just under 90,000 tweets over the weekend that it first aired, and around 4 million views on YouTube (a figure which is rising all the time). As a direct result, John Lewis acquired 7,000 new twitter followers, and in the week after the ad was shown, reported sales of over £100 million for the first time in 2013.

Not bad for a short story starring a bear and a hare. But, that is exactly the point. We all love stories. We love happy endings and we love seeing people (or animals) who care for one another. It touches us. We get it. It makes us feel good. It takes us to places – somewhere only we know.

The best part of the advert for me is that they are not shoving toys, clothes, and other ware so common with Christmas time consumerism down your throat. The only thing they are promoting is finding the perfect gift for a loved one – whatever that may be – in this instance, an alarm clock.

It is the season of good will after all.

Clever, cute and oh so cuddly!

So did it get you too?

JohnLewis Bear