A (funny) prayer for Mummy – MishMash Style!


Dear God,

Please make the Prime Minister (whatever his name is) go away
because he made Mummy’s child benefit go away.
That’s why we do not like him.
He is a mean and nasty man.

Please can you make Mummy thinner
(her request to you, not ours)
Because she does not like diets,
But she loves salted caramel macaroons
And Nigellissima’s Italian desserts.

Please can you bring back Strictly Come Dancing.
Mummy loved Louis and Flavia.
(We think it’s because he can do the splits and she has shiny hair).
She also loves MIC – that’s Made in Chelsea!
(But don’t tell her that we told you so as she doesn’t want anybody to know).

Please can you make Mummy’s blog go viral,
(another one of her requests for you)
But if it is anything like the Norovirus that we got over the holidays
Then please don’t!


Oppan MishMash Style
MishMash Style
Op op op op oppan MishMash Style

Please, Big Man in the Sky
Op op op op oppan MishMash Style

Finally, please give Mummy a job
Otherwise she will just sit at home

And eat cakes all day
And watch Made in Chelsea (sshh!)
And blog, blog, blog…..

Please, Big Man in the Sky 
Op op op op 
Eh eh eh eh eh eh