My Kenya is mourning


Kenya is mourning
A nation is bleeding
All we could do is watch the news and pray
Whilst inside a shopping mall dead bodies lay

On the roof the children of Junior MasterChef
Screamed as the sound of bullets made them deaf
All they wanted to do was laugh and bake
But they were shot in vain for religion’s sake

A selfless hero tried to save the kids from these monsters
He said “Kill me instead of these youngsters”
But his pleas went on deaf ears
And all you could hear was the sound of their parents tears

A married couple trying to protect each other
The wife was soon to be a first time mother
Gunned down whilst locked in a final embrace
By none other than one of the ‘human’ race

A little girl ran to a stranger with a gun
Her mother had told her to get up and run
He was a brave man who saved her and others
Whilst he was there searching for his own brother

Blood and tears were everywhere
They were inside their worst nightmare
One smeared blood on her face to play dead
Whilst the terrorists rained bullets over her head

The massacre left behind a mall burning
A nation cried and was left yearning
The murderers played the wrong game
To try and catch a glimpse of fame
They never rolled a six on the dice
So instead of them, all the innocents will now go to Paradise