A Letter to Mr and Mrs Nit

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Nit,

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

You just make up your bed

In my poor child’s head

I’m so angry, I’m thinking of suing!


You think you can just mosey on in

Drop your sleeping bags

Pick up your mags

And settle down with a bottle of gin?!


After downing a few

You both start to get flirty

Get down and do the dirty

And soon the whole place looks like a zoo!


You are experts at hide-and-seek

I bet you come out to party at night

Even giving the teddies a fright

But you vamoose as soon as anyone takes a peek!


Now the whole place is full of baby nits

And I know you adore your mini-mes

But they are like a swarm of busy bees

And the truth is, that they are annoying little twits!


Now I come to the end of this ditty

But my poor child is still scratching

And your little ones just keep on hatching

So leave NOW before I bring out the Nitty Gritty!


headlice family

Have any of your kids suffered from the dreaded nits? How did you get rid of the pesky gits?