Twins doing it Gangnam Style

Just saw this video and had to share it with you all. These twins are just sooooooooo adorable!

I couldn’t stop laughing watching them trying to dance. They actually know all the moves!

Also, I cannot believe how this one song has got everybody dancing from babies to Britney Spears to Zara Phillips to Ellen Degeneres to the Secretary General of the UN.

This is one dance craze that has literally taken over the world!

I made my twins watch this too and they loved it…

What do you think?



A day I will never forget.

It was a beautiful, sunny, bright morning. The date was July 6th, 2006. We walked down to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital at 9.00am.  About an hour later, we walked out of the operating room with 2 babies. How does that work?!

Don’t worry, I will spare you all the gory details, but it was a miracle. After 9 months of carrying 2 babies, 2 amniotic sacs,  and 2 placentas (yes, I was huge!), the babies were out in 20 minutes. It was like we had just popped in for a takeaway – and got a Buy One Get One Free deal!

I still remember all the scans that I had, and the nurses trying their best to find the 2 heartbeats. The first time I heard a heartbeat, it sounded like an express train careering through my body or a stallion galloping at full speed! It really is amazing how fast a baby’s heart beats. All you can wonder about is whether that sound really is coming from inside you! There was the time when they found Twin 1’s heartbeat, but could not find the other one. As you can imagine, this is a scary situation as you don’t know whether there is something seriously wrong or if the baby is just hiding  very well. Luckily, it was the fact that Twin 2 was too busy doing somersaults and gearing up for the Olympics or something, so decided to change positions 3 times during the appointment!

I remember the times towards the end of the pregnancy when the babies really started kicking and moving around. Can you imagine 4 sets of elbows, fists, knees and feet kicking and punching you in places you never even knew existed?! Forget the pain, but the sight of those body parts prodding and poking through my tummy in an apparent attempt to get out would have put Sigourney Weaver and the rest of the Aliens cast to shame!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. There were about 5 or 6 people in the room including my hubby. This wasn’t because we had gone private, but because we were having twins – and there was always a chance of complications. Somebody asked what sex the babies were, and hubby replied that we didn’t know. They couldn’t believe that we did not find out the sex earlier, that we wished to keep it a complete surprise! Well, now you will have to tell everyone what you are having as the babies come out, they said to hubby.

At the last minute, our regular obstetrician had to attend to another pregnancy, and we were left with a substitute registrar. No pressure then.

I had to have a caesarean as Twin 2 was breech. Twin 1 was head down. When the first baby was pulled out, hubby shouted it’s a boy! I couldn’t believe it as I have 2 sisters and hubby has 3, so I just assumed we were in for 2 girls. When the second baby came out, he came up to me and told me it was a girl. I was stunned and had a lump in my throat. The tears streaming down my cheeks did all the talking for me…

Hubby cut the umbilical cords, and of course that made him The Main Man, The Mac Daddy, The Godfather!

We are truly blessed and we never take it for granted. Thank you God.

Twin Telepathy?

Diane Arbus photograph, Identical Twins, Rosel...
Diane Arbus photograph, Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can twins really read each other’s minds or is it just a sixth sense?

It is one of the magical mysteries of twins that they share a special connection that cannot be explained. Maybe this is due to the fact that mutiples are the only ones in this world that ‘get to know’ each other for 9 months before they are even born!

Whatever it is, read this amazing story about how an identical twin unwittingly saved his brother in Australia…

A twin’s headaches saves his brother’s life.

Seeing double…

“So how have you been feeling?”, asked the Sonographer as she creamed my bulging belly with an ice-cold substance that can only be described as see-through goo! You know the type that you see smothered all over Scooby-Doo’s face when the monster gets him? Only, it’s not green, and there were no monsters here…

“I have been feeling terrible!”, I said to her. The question brought back memories of a cycle of nausea, queasiness, tiredness and even more tiredness. Just the faint whiff of toast or even trying to brush my teeth made me want to hurl! I don’t think my poor hubby ate a thing in 3 months! But, let’s not feel too much sympathy for him as it was all his fault that I was in this mess in the first place! 😉

My reply made her smile a very wry smile which I thought was an odd reaction to what I had just said. How could she have known what I had been through? But how wrong was I?!

“I’ll tell you why”, she said. “Just look at the screen”…

The next words that she uttered made me feel like she had just passed me a concoction that Heston Blumenthal might have dreamt up full of shock, jubilation, anxiety, hope, fear and bursts of sunshine, mixed with a couple of shots of tequila, and asked me to down it in one – not forgetting to swallow the worm at the end!

She said: “There’s Twin 1 waving at you, and there’s Twin 2 kicking it’s legs.”

That’s when I fell off the bed.