Sleeping with the Angels


Isn’t it ironic that at the end of my last post I was thinking about life, and what a wonderful world it is. Then, just 2 days later we all heard about the children and adults who mercilessly died at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton, Connecticut.

There are no words to describe this atrocity, and yet there are so many words such as loss, grief, tragedy, anger, pain, disbelief, agony, guilt, mourning, despair, suffering, torment, heartbreak…

Every time I think about it, or read, or hear about it, I shed a tear. But, I cannot even imagine for a second what the families involved must be going through. I do not know what else to say, but I found this poem and I wanted to share it with you…

Please don’t be so sad,
I miss you so much too.
It’s beautiful here where I am
But I worry a lot about you.
I sleep with the angels
watching over me
There’s only love up here.
I’m never lonely or afraid,
‘Cause God’s so very near.
I never cry or hurt myself
I see my loved ones everyday.
I play and laugh and sing a lot
And I hear you when you pray.
Please Mommy,
don’t be mad at God
You see, he loves me too.
And even though 
you’re not here with me,
I’m really still with you.

So, the next time that we moan, or get down about life, work, the weather, our families – just think about those whose presents are probably still underneath the Christmas tree, but who will never get to open them…

Be content. Be thankful. Be grateful.

R.I.P. Sleeping Angels.

18 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Angels

  1. I wish every one who lost the dear ones in the family understand the words written. in the poem, life becomes so easy to live.

    So well written beta.


  2. You spotted a remarkable irony in your maternal sentiments and the tragic incidence at Sandy Hook Primary School and you reflected it on your blog. I spotted a remarkable talent in all your various reflections together with your creative ability and style. I would wish this talent to reach far bigger audience beyond your blog, preferably in a really good work of creative fiction I have often read in many different literatures. Hope you will find time to ponder over my suggestion.


  3. Wow! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I am left humbled by your kind words. I hope that one day that can reach a wider audience, and make a difference…


  4. So very true Amisha – your words bring comfort to all of us who have lost loved ones. Whilst we miss them on earth, at least they are safe from the harm of this world……..we need to keep their memories alive.



    1. You are right Nameeta.
      A mum who lost her son at the World Trade Center on Sep 11 once said:
      ‘Remembering you is easy.
      We do it every day.
      It’s the heartache of losing you,
      That never goes away…’


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