Twins doing it Gangnam Style

Just saw this video and had to share it with you all. These twins are just sooooooooo adorable!

I couldn’t stop laughing watching them trying to dance. They actually know all the moves!

Also, I cannot believe how this one song has got everybody dancing from babies to Britney Spears to Zara Phillips to Ellen Degeneres to the Secretary General of the UN.

This is one dance craze that has literally taken over the world!

I made my twins watch this too and they loved it…

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Twins doing it Gangnam Style

  1. Brilliant! The twins have got natural talents. Music lovers. Well done!

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  2. See how quickly these young minds can learn all sorts of things from what they see and watch from environment around them. Is this not a great lesson for all parents to ensure that such wonderful atmosphere is created to help them develop all the latent energies that are existing in them all? I have no doubt your twins have much more than I am suggesting here around them and that they will make most of it. Best of luck to them and you in all your endeavours.


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